Members of the Company

The Company is governed by a Master, Upper and Renter Wardens, and a Court of Assistants. The Master and Wardens are elected at the Election Court in June and installed ceremonially in office on the first Thursday in August. The rest of the membership consists of the Livery, the Freemen and Apprentices. The Company is administered by a Clerk.

The Court act as a Board of Directors and make decisions on behalf of the Company. Our Livery are given the opportunity to comment on issues facing the Company by attending Livery Forums, which are held every six months and organised by the Stewards.

Members join the Company via one of three methods: by servitude (having served the full term as an apprentice); by patrimony (parent was a member of the Company when the applicant was born) or redemption (by purchase). Those who enter by servitude or patrimony have a right to take the Freedom but in both cases applications have to be made, and approved, to join the Livery. Likewise, members of the Livery must apply to join the Court.

Why join a Livery Company?

On being elected to a Livery Company people can enjoy a unique blend of social and professional networking. Like other Livery Companies, the Wax Chandlers is a fellowship, where all our members meet together on an equal basis to discuss issues of interest, give support to one another and enjoy social events. Membership also offers an effective way of getting involved in wider areas of society through the Company’s educational and charitable programmes.

Individuals wishing to apply to join our membership will usually meet the following criteria:

  • an interest and support for the Company’s values and activities
  • an interest and knowledge of the City of London, its history, customs and governance
  • an understanding of the relevance and roles of Livery Companies
  • ideally be of an age when joining the Livery makes election to the Court a prospect
  • have appropriate professional, trade or social skills and be willing to use them to assist the Company in fulfilling its aims

Alphabetical list of Company admissions from 1730 to 1950