Joining the Company


Anyone wishing to join the Freedom and cannot do so through Servitude or Patrimony, must apply by completing an application form and sending it, with a letter of support by a Liveryman of three years standing and a copy of their CV, together with a recent passport sized photograph, to the Clerk.

If an applicant is not known to any Liveryman the applicant must submit the names of two referees (ideally persons of standing in the City, our trades or their profession), together with a completed application form and a copy of their CV. Most applicants will be requested to attend an interview with two Court Assistants and the Clerk, and final approval is given by the Court. Successful applicants will be notified in writing by the Clerk.

On admission to the Freedom by Redemption, a Freeman will pay a fine of £750 to the Wax Chandlers’ Company. A Freeman shall pay quarterage of £175 per year, a year after joining the Freedom.

The benefits of being a Freeman

Freemen may attend any of the Company’s social functions depending on availability after the Livery’s demand has been met.


Entry to the Livery is by application and admission will be dependant on the candidate’s ability and desire to contribute to the Company’s activities and its vision for the future. The candidate must have been a Freeman for a year and a day before making an application to be ‘clothed’ and have taken up the Freedom of the City.

An application is made in writing to the Clerk and must be supported by a Liveryman of four years standing. The application will be placed before the Court for approval. Clothing will take place before the Court.

A Freeman, on being clothed a Liveryman, will pay a fine of £1000 to the Company, and quarterage of £300 per year in the January following the year of admission.

The benefits of being a Liveryman

Liverymen can attend any of the Company’s social functions, take part in Livery Forums, sit on one of the Company’s committees and apply to join the Court. A Liveryman is also usually eligible for the Common Hall Register (the right to vote for the Sheriffs and Lord Mayor).