The Company’s Archives

Publicly accessible material deposited with the Guildhall Library

Calendar of documents (c1200-1990)

Ref. No. Description
6185 Counterpart leases and other deeds of property situated in the parish of St Michael Queenhythe (particularly Thames Street Bowling Alley Queenhythe etc.) 1590/1-1660 and 1728-1884.
Vellum. 43 items in two boxes and two folders.
9481 Renter Wardens’ account books. (engrossments) c1529-1597 and 1602-1704
Paper 4to and sm. Fo., 3 vol.
Vol. I.* c1529-1597; vol. 2.* 1602-1671; vol. 3.*
9481A Renter Wardens’ account books. 1901-1954.
Paper, la. Na. Fo., 2 vol.
Vol. I.* 1901-1949; vol. 2.* 1950-1954 (mainly blank)
9482 Treasury books, containing Renter Wardens’ accounts, company terriers, inventories and memoranda.
paper, sm. Fo., 3 vol.
Vol. I.* 1618-1730; vol. 2.* 1730-1799; vol. 3. 1800-1875.
9483 Renter Wardens’ cash books. 1851-1951.
Paper, sm. 4to 5 vol.
Vol. I.* 1851-1873; vol. 2.* 1873-1893; vol. 3. 1893-1910; vol. 4. 1910-1930;
Vol. 5. 1930-1951.
9484 Renter Wardens’ ledgers. 1853-1952.
Paper, sm.4to. 5 vol.
Vol. I.* 1853-1874; vol.2.* 1874-1896; vol. 3. 1896-1911; vol. 4. 1911-1927.
Vol. 5. 1927-1952.
9485 Court minute books.* 1584-1924.1
9486 Committee minute books. 1851-1934
Paper,, 4 vol.
Vol. I. 1851-1875; vol. 2. 1875-1896; vol. 3. 1896-1916; vol. 4. 1917-1934.
9487 Register of freedom admissions. 1633-1978.1 From 1694 stamp duty book.
Paper 4to. Vol. I * 1633-1804; Vol. 2 1804-1978.
9488 Register of apprentice bindings. 1666-1979.1
Paper, sm. fo. Vol. I* 1666-1749(Damaged); Vol. 2 1749-1979.
9489 Register of presentments of apprentices and their admissions to freedom.*
Paper, 4to.
9490 Register of apprentice bindings, with account of orphans duty paid into the Chamber of London.*
Vellum, sm. fo.
9491 Collected quarterage and quarterage arrear books. 1672-1773. Incomplete.
Paper 4to.*
9492 Clerk’s remembrance, containing:- abstract of the charter of 1663 November 23; list of assistants, livery and yeomanry 1714, continued to
1734; company rental; tables of fees, fines, penalties and forfeitures; notes on charities; formularies and precedents.*
S.d. 1st half 18th century.
Paper, sm. 8vo.
9493 Search book, 1574-1649, and 1664.*
Paper, sm. fo.
9494 Register of leases. 1584-1810.
Paper, sm. fo., 2 vol.
Vol. 1. 1584-1744; vol. 2. 1749-1810 (latter half blank) with topographical index.
9495 Ordinance, oath and evidence book.* Saec. Xv-xvii.
Vellum, med. 4to; containing:-
fol. 1r-6v; Kalendar in Latin;
fol. 8r; Order by the company for every member of the craft to give a pound of new wax for sustaining wax taper branches for the rood at the
north door of St Paul’s Church on the feast of the Cross, 1371 (and every year thereafter); the company’s petition to the court of aldermen for
establishing certain bye-laws, in French, 1371;
fol. 8v; Bye-laws, in French, ut supra;
fol. 9; Oaths;
fol. 10r-13v; Ordinances, 1359, with amendments to 1488;
fol. 14 and 15r; blank;
fol. 15v-20r; Ratification of ordinances, 24 May 1514;
fol. 20v-21r; Supplemental ordinances,
28 February 1597;
fol. 21v; Supplemental ordinances, 22 February 1597;
fol. 22r-25v; Copy will of John Thomason,
4 March 1526;
fol. 26r; Order concerning apprentice binding,
6 April 1599;
fol. 26v; Order concerning search and quarterage, 15 March 1569.
fol. 27c; Memorandum concerning Nicholas Frankwell’s gift f £10, 19 April 1621;
fol. 28r-29v; Copy will of Robert Brockett, 22 September 1530;
fol. 29v-31r; blank;
fol. 31v-33v; Inquisition taken at Guildhall concerning the will of William Kendall, 16 June 1567;
fol. 35v-37r; Ordinances, made 17 September 1584;
fol. 38r; Memorandum concerning Thomas Jenner’s gift of plate, 9 June 1600;
fol. 39r-40v; Copy will of Richard Powell,
10 October 1603;
fol. 42r-46r; Copy act of parliament for securing and confirming to the several companies of the City of London their several estates, situate within the
City, 5 Jas. 1 21 July 1607;
fol. 47r; Extract from will of William Parnell, 22 July 1622;
fol. 49v-75v; blank;
fol. 77v-78v; Ordinances agreed upon 10 August 1579 and ratified 14 October 1580;
fol. 79r-80r; blank;
fol. 80v-82v; Tables (index).
9496 Charter and ordinance book, * engrossed 1622 (being the gift of William Sharp, master).
Vellum, 8vo. Containing:-
fol.1r-4r; Application made by the company t the court of aldermen “that they may choose 4 of ye craft to search for bad wares”, 13
November 1371;
fol. 5r-6v; Charter of Richard III, 16 February 1483;
fol. 7r-16v; Ordinances ratified 29 May 1514;
fol. 17r; Order by the court of aldermen concerning search and quarterage, 15 March 1569;
fol. 18; Supplemental ordinances, 22 February 1597;
fol. 19; Supplemental ordinances, 6 April 1599;
fol. 20r-22v; Supplemental ordinances, confirmed 27 September 1584;
fol. 23r-25r; Ordinances agreed to 10 August 1579 and confirmed 14 October 1580;
fol. 26; Charter of confirmation by Elizabeth I, 12 April 1561;
fol. 27; Charter of confirmation by James I, 22 May 1603;
fol. 28-36; blank;
fol. 37r-38r; Tables (index).
9497 Contemporary transcripts of the charter granted to the company by James II, 9 January 1685/6, and of documents pertaining to the grant of it and its later use and interpretation, 1685-1696.
Paper, la. fo.
9498 Contemporary transcripts of the charter granted to the company Charles II, 23 November 1663, and of the ordinances made and agreed upon 13 May 1664 and ratified 28 June 1664, together with copies of documents appertaining to the above instruments.
9499 Inventory of the fixtures, fittings, furniture, decorative objects, pictures etc. at the company’s hall in Gresham Street, 18 July 1919.
Paper, sm. 4to.
9500 Freemen’s declarations. 1840-1891.* 1 Incomplete. (Loose.)
Paper, 1 file.
9501 Masters’, wardens’ and assistants’ declarations. 1840-1891.* 1 Incomplete. (Loose.)
Paper, 1 file.
9501A Masters’ and wardens’ declarations book. 1892-1951.1
Paper, 4to.
9502 Quarterage collection lists.* 1723-1745. Incomplete.
Paper, 1 file.
9503 Contemporary office copy of the letters patent by James I, 2 October 1619, conveying and confirming to the company the several messages, lands and premises situate in the Old Change, Queenhithe, Coleman Street, Aldersgate Street and Maiden Lane.
Paper, br.s., 1 sheaf (ff.73), in file.
Annotated at head (fol. 1.): This is the coppie of our assurance of our lands and rerages of rents made by the King in the yeare 1619 to us and others, the patten itself remayneth in Guild Hall because dyvers companyes are ioyned in the patten.
9504 Original exemplification of the ordinances ratified 24 May 1514.
Vellum, 2 skins, in box. Illuminated heraldic borders.
Seals missing. Partly illegible.
9505 Original exemplification of the ordinances ratified 28 June 1664.
Vellum, 3 skins, in box. 3 seals in (modern) wooden capsules, on original silk cords. Partly illegible.
9506 The Hall deeds:- a collection of deeds and documents relating to property situate in Godron Lane, Inglen Lane2 and Wood Street, in the parish of St John Zachary and Cripplegate Within ward, and particularly to the brewhouse known, in and after 1421, as ‘The Cock on the hoop’ on the site of the later Wax Chandlers’ hall. 1298/9-1545. 36 items.
Vellum, 1 box.
9507 Counterpart leases and other documents relating to the company’s hall and the site thereof in Gutter Lane in the parish of St John Zachary.
1477-1730. 27 items.
Vellum and paper, 1 box.
9508 Documents relating to the company’s Irish estates. 1587-1705.
Vellum and paper, 1 box.
9509 Deeds relating to company property, being seven houses with garden and appurtenances known as Bungays alley, in the parish of St Stephen
Coleman Street. 1427-1608. 26 items.
Vellum, 1 box.
9510 Title deeds and other documents pertaining thereto, relating to company property, being a tenement with appurtenances, situate in the parish of St Michael Queenhithe, also a garden plot with chambers erected thereon in Lovelace Alley, Queenhithe, 1241-1579. 23 items.
Vellum, 1 box.
9511 Counterpart leases and other documents relating to company property being a parcel of ground with buildings erected thereon situated in Bowling Alley near Thames Street, Queenhithe, in the parish of St Michael Queenhithe. 1660-1721. 14 items.
Vellum and paper, 1 box.
Also containing copy decree of the Court of judicature touching burned or demolished property (Fire judges court), about the poor of the parish of St Michael (upon the company’s petition against the churchwardens).
9512 Title deeds relating to company property being tenements and lands situate in Aldersgate Streeet, and ‘Britain Street’ (Little Britain) in the parish of St Botolph without Aldersgate. C1200-1712. 18 items.
Vellum, 1 box.
Charter no.1 temp.John.
9513 Counterpart leases and other documents relating to company property being freehold premises situate in Aldersgate Street in the parish of St Botolph without Aldersgate. 1584-1854. 18 items.
Vellum (1 paper), 1 box. Some items damaged.
9514 Wills, original, probate and copy, touching upon company properties and charities. 1491-1770. 12 items.*
Vellum and paper, 1 file.
9515 Note of the plate belonging to the company, taken 15 September 1664, with list of benefactors for plate.
Vellum, 1 skin (badly damaged and faded).
Transcript attached.
9516 View taken by the four City viewers in a plea between the churchwardens of the parish of St John Zachary, plaintiffs, and the company, defendants, concerning an alleged encroachment and trespass caused by the erection of a brick wall. 26 March 1565. Contemporary copy,
Paper, br.s., 2 sh., in file.
9517A Coloured facsimile of charter of incorporation granted to the company by Richard III. Westminster, 16 February 1483/4. Initial R having royal arms emblazoned.
9517 Inspeximus by Elizabeth 1 of inspeximus by Philip and Mary, 7 June 1558 (exemplification lost), which confirmed the charter by Richard III.
Westminster, 12 April 1560.
Vellum, 1 membrane, mounted on board. Fragment of great seal on original cord. Portrait of sovereign enthroned in pen and ink, in initial E.
9521A Coloured facsimile of grant of arms to the company by Sir Thomas Holme, Clarenceux. 3 February 1484/5. With confirmations by Thomas
Benolt, Clarenceux, 11 October 1530, and by Henry St George, Richmond herald, the latter at the visitation of London, November 1634.
9523 Summons from Henry St George, Richmond Herald, to the master and wardens of the company, to appear before him at Guildhall on 8 November 1634, for inspection and registration of their arms, on occasion of the visitation of London. Office of arms,
28 October 1634.
Paper, fo., 1d.s., in file.
9524 Papers relating to company property situate in Old Change in the parish of St Mary Magdalen Old Fish Street, more particularly to lands and tenements referred to in the chantry certificate of 2 Edw. V1 (1548), the reference arising from certain provisions in the will of Robert Coldham, citizen and fishmonger (July 1491)* and the eventual vacation of the enrolment in the Exchequer of the above.
9525 Certificate. 1547-1627.
Paper, 1 file.
*Hustings Wills, roll 225, mem. 64; copy will in MS9514.
9526 Inventory of all goods found in the house at the sign of the Lamb at Queenhithe, taken 17 June 1611.
Paper, sm. fo., 1 d.s., in file.
Endorsed “A note of implements in Pooles house Queenhine (sic)”.
9527 Indictments in a suit in the Court of King’s Bench, Guildhall, Rex v. William Rutt, Robert Huntley, and William Barrow, upon an allegedly unlawful search and seizure for bad (wax) wares. 15 February 1664/5.
Paper, br. S., 2 sh.
According to the dorse, the verdict was for the defendants.
9528 Legal papers, mainly briefs, relating to the title of that messuage known as The King’s head, situate in Old Change in the parish of St Mary Magdalene Old Fish Street, used in a suite in the court of King’s bench, Knight v Humphreys, arising out of the will of Robert Coldham, citizen and fishmonger (3 July 1491): at Guildhall, Trinity term, 1634.
Paper, 1 file.
9527A Legal, estate and other papers including bonds, receipts, reports of view committee (1740,1743), rental (1740), survey of houses in Queenhythe (1727), draft leases, returns etc. Late 16th cent – 1743.
Paper, 1 file.
10497 Volume containing specification of works to be done in erecting the company’s hall at the corner of Gresham Street west and Gutter Lane, together with plans, elevations and sections. Charles Fowler, architect, of Gordon Square, W.C. 1852-1853.
Vellum and paper, la. 4to.
10498 Volume containing contract with plans (photostat), bills of quantities and pre-contract variations on the latter for the proposed rebuilding after war damage of the company’s hall in Gresham Street. Messrs Seely & Paget, of 41 Cloth Fair, EC1, architects, Ashby and Horner Ltd., of 69 Bishopsgate, EC2, contractors; and Messrs Langdon and Every, of 21 Russell Square, WC1, quantity surveyors. 1955-1956.
Paper, sm. fo., typescript.
10800 Property committee:- minute book. 1934-1949.
Paper, sm. fo.
Latter half blank.
10801 William Kendall’s charity (1559):- trustees’ minute books. 1878-1988.
Paper, la. fo. 2 vols.
Vol I. 1878-1947, Vol.2 1947-1988.
10802 William Kendall’s charity (1559):- cash books.
Paper, sm. 4to. 4 vols.
Vol. I 1880-1911, Vol.2 1911-1937, Vol. 3 1937-1982, Vol.4 1982-1990.
10803 William Kendall’s charity (1559):- ledgers. 1877-1990.
Paper, fo. 2 vols.
Vol. I 1877-1918, Vol. 2 1918-1990.
10804 Inventory and valuation of the tenants’ fittings, fixtures, furniture, decorative objects, pictures, plate, plated items, linen, table china, glass, etc., at the company’s hall, Gresham Street, taken for insurance purposes by Toplis & Harding, surveyors and valuers, of 66 Cannon Street, January, 1913.
Paper, 4to. Typescript.
10805 Inventory of the furnishings and other equipment in portions of the company’s hall and being the company’s property, taken by George Berry & Strouts, auctioneers, estate agents and surveyors, of 140 Sloane Street, SW1, September 1959.
Paper, fo., 1 sheaf.
Clerk’s copy.
10806 Plans, elevations and sections (by Henry Dawson, architect, surveyor to the company) of Albion buildings, 186 (formerly 165) Aldersgate Street, in the parish of St Botolph without Aldersgate, the property of the company, 1885, with further plans 1932-1951, and papers relating to its sale to the Corporation of London, 1942-1956.
Paper, 1 file.
10807 Paper relating to the sale of 23 Coleman Street, the property of the company, t the London Investment and Mortgage Company. 1951-1955.
Paper, 1 file.
15905 Haberdashers Company Archive Irish Estates. “Account of dividends due to the Wax-chandlers’ company being their 20/52 part of 1/16 part of the dividend which the Haberdashers’ Company receive from the Irish Society”. 1748-1836.
Paper 1 vol. Sm 4to latter half blank.
31523 Abstract and Memorandum Book compiled 1732, including charters, deeds and plans, company records.
31635 Chronological register of members compiled c.1823 and continued to date (with some details dating back to 1764.) The register details the progression of members through the Company. The data contained therein, particularly for the period 1765 to 1823, is not complete. Information regarding those who took up the Freedom between 1730 and 1950 is available on this website in an easily searchable form by surname – Alphabetical list of admissions to the Company from 1730 – 1950 (from c1825 this table includes details of progression through the Company)

* Documents available on microfilm

1 Later volumes are in current use.
2 An earlier name for Maiden Lane.

Other material

The Original Charter of 1485, the Inspeximus of James I in 1604, the James II Charter of 1685, and the two Grants of Arms from 1484 and 1536) are on display in the Hall. The original of the Operative Charter of 23 November 1663 was lost by the government at the time of the Glorious Revolution in 1688, but the Rolls of Chancery copy can be inspected at the National Archives, reference CC66-3036.

More recent minute books, cash books, admissions registers and Declarations are kept in the Company’s offices at Wax Chandlers’ Hall and are not available for inspection.