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Bees Abroad

The Wax Chandlers’ Charitable Trust have funded different projects delivered by Bees Abroad.  This is an article about the most recent project.

Recently, Becca Mundye, a young beekeeper, went to visit Bees Abroad projects in Uganda where she held a series of workshops aimed at supporting beekeepers to add value to their honey businesses by utilising wax and propolis.

The following words are by Becca:

Having returned recently from delivering value addition workshops in Uganda, I have had some time to reflect on the successes and stories of my visit – I would like to share some of them with you.  Whilst in Kasese, Uganda for 6 weeks I taught around 50 different people from 14 different Bees Abroad projects.

One of the groups was the Kasese Hive Cluster, which consists of women who have found beekeeping as a great source of income and that it has helped them become respected within their community.  The four groups which make up the Kasese Hive Cluster have come together to share knowledge and information as well as to provide a support system for each other.  When I started my workshops, the women understood that honey is a valuable commodity from the hive but they did not know the importance of other resources such as wax and propolis.  During the workshop I taught the women how to make 6 products including shoe polish, lip balm, body cream and tincture of propolis.  The workshops were very practical and visual so that the women fully understand each step.  It was fascinating to see the different approaches to solving problems that arose during the workshop and the cost analysis portion of teaching.

All of the participants were very grateful for the training and excited to start making more products to sell in their communities.  The profit made by selling their value addition products will be used towards paying school fees, hospital bills etc. as well as starting or supporting other projects like buying feed for rearing pigs.

All Photos are from the Kasese Hive group.

The Chairperson of the KITE_group wrote to say, “I am very happy. Thanks to Bees Abroad and LIDEFO.”

Thanks so much to Becca for all her hard work and all those who took part in the workshops.  We wish you every success with your business ventures.