The original Kerax was established in 1962 specialising in the blending and formulating of wax to Industry Standards or customer specific requirements. Throughout the last 50 years we have kept true to our initial specialism and have many bespoke formulations for our customers incorporating natural waxes – such as beeswax and vegetable derived waxes – as well as waxes derived from crude oil refining.

Kerax is now the only dedicated, large scale wax blending plant in the United Kingdom.  We supply extensive and comprehensive ranges of all waxes and wax blends and are large scale producers of petroleum jellies for pharmaceutical, cosmetic, industrial and commercial use.

Offering unparalleled service, value, quality and stock levels, our flexibility and responsiveness to customer enquiries has enabled us to grow and flourish into the UK’s leading wax blender – our policy is ‘Always Available’.

At the forefront of blended wax production, we invest heavily in new product development, encouraging our chemists to seek new commercially viable wax applications. We strive to continually be the very best in our field.