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Trinity School, Bexley students take part in interactive Art/Science workshop at St Vedast

At the Court and Lunch on 9th March, Beverley Eaglesfield , CEO Trinitas Academy Trust (Bexley) spoke passionately about the challenges for the seven schools in her area of North East Bexley, the most deprived part of the Borough.

Following this a group of sixth form students and accompanying staff from Trinity School were invited to take part in an educational workshop at St Vedast Church on Thursday, 31st March 2022.

This event was part of a celebratory art exhibition for pollinators put on jointly by Pollinating London Together, St Vedast-alias-Foster and international artist Alex Hirtzel.  The exhibition was titled “Displays Decoded. An interactive exhibition for Pollinating London Together.”

A group of ten sixth form students accompanied by the Head of Art and her deputy, attended a one and half hour Art/Science workshop.

Accompanied by Dr. David Lawson from the University of Bristol, Alex Hirtzel gave a joint interactive workshop which was a mix of art and science on pollinators.  Sue Green had picked the wildflowers used in the workshop from her farm earlier that morning!

This was certainly not 90 minutes of simply looking at paintings of wildflowers.  Alex Hirtzel has developed a fascinating electronic system known as AR or Augmented Reality whereby using smart phones students could observe a looped animation of bees flying in and out of their screens and interacting with the painted plants… and learning about the roles that scent, colour, heat and static electricity have in pollination.  Advanced level Biology and Science at its finest.

Following the workshop, the Trinity students, staff plus Alex and David, adjourned to the Court Room at the Wax Chandlers Hall for light refreshments and an introduction to the Livery in the City of London.

Sue Green as Deputy Master welcomed the students to our Hall after which our Beadle Stanley Liu gave a first class, professional and passionate recap of the history of the Wax Chandlers spanning a period of 650 years!  Upstairs, our Master introduced the Dining Hall to our visitors, and gave the closing remarks.

John Burton, Chair of PLT presented Denise Brewin (Head of the Art Department at Trinity) with a huge box of wildflower seeds for the school… a considerable weight to carry back to Cannon Street station!

Both events have hopefully formed the basis of a strong and meaningful partnership with the seven schools in the Trinitas Academy Trust within the London Borough of Bexley.

Toby Hufford