The Worshipful Company of Wax Chandlers by Charles G Todd


Most of the material for writing these notes has been obtained from the Company’s ancient documents, but there is a certain amount of hearsay which has come down to me by tradition from my own family and from Mr. A. J. Wood who served the Company for so many years as Clerk and, sub- sequently, as Master, and who was a great Wax Chandler. I fully appreciate that there is room for much study of the earlier documents by one who can read these writings with greater ease than I, and that there is probably information to to found in other places. It is, therefore, my hope that this paper will be the basis for further research and for somebody to write a far more adequate history. It is partly for this reason that I have added a number of appendices giving details of our documents, (References e.g. MS 9509 are Guildhall Library References as most of our documents are on loan there) and some account of our counterpart leases. These in them- selves almost form a complete history of the Company.


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The Worshipful Company of Wax Chandlers by C G Todd

Photos from left to right:

1.  Joseph Pulley, Master 1827-28

2. Charles George Todd, Master 1948

3. Charles John Todd, Master 1874-1876 and 1891-1892

4. Application for ordinances