• Master Wax Chandler Upper Warden Past Master 5

Sustainability and Our Commitment to the Next 650 Years!

The Master signs the Worshipful Company of Wax Chandlers’ Sustainability Action Plan Statement of Principles watched by Past Master Joan Beavington and Upper Warden Tim Maile.

Making the most of the opportunity that the 650th Anniversary celebrations have brought, the Court and the Committees (aided by a dedicated group) are now thinking ahead to develop a Sustainability Action Plan to secure the sustainability of the Company, if not for the next 650 years, for the foreseeable future.  As a small Livery Company with a title that implies that it cares about the environment (certainly for honeybees) and resource efficiency, it cannot be indifferent to climate change.  The Company has owned a Hall in Gresham Street for over 500 years and flourished by continuing to make itself modern and relevant.

The Company’s vision is necessarily long-term as a force for public good serving private needs.  It is not limited to continuing to engage with beekeepers and the wax industry.  The Company also wants to capitalise on their modern relevance, for example, in relation to biodiversity, planting for pollinators, good husbandry, recycling and research.

This Sustainability Action Plan and its implementation will be guided by the Statement of Principles endorsed by the Court (as updated from time to time in the light of experience).  The Company is grateful to the Livery Climate Action Group (LCAG) for its guidance and leadership in this, particularly in relation to the specialist work of over 20 Livery Companies on the “Commitment and Guidance on Areas of Opportunity for a Climate Action Plan”.  The first to be published by a hall-owning company, it can be found on both the Company and the LCAG websites.

To view the Sustainability Action Plan Statement of Principles click here